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The team behind CTi won the first ever ‘Best SME Convergence Solution’ for saving money and improving efficiency for our customer. Applicants were companies of 250 employees or less and had to demonstrate an integrated voice and data solution that benefited the customer. Winners in the Corporate categories included BT, 3Com and Compaq.

The savings and efficiencies were in a number of areas:

Voice Communications

We’re saving over £3,260 on line rental by rationalising phone line usage

We’re saving almost 50% on call charges by using Phone Co-op for all the outgoing calls

Everyone has their own direct line –switchboard operator is free to perform other tasks

Click and Dial phone directory available to all staff

Written Communications

Everybody now has email to/from desk – for just over £6 per person

Everybody now has fax to/from desk for just over £7 per person

Head of Travel is able to forward the fax to all shop managers via email (whether the shop managers have our solution or not)

Data Communications

Selected users have internet access from the desktop

Selected users are able to connect to any other branch with our system

Please see the Case Study for full details

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