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Telephone Systems

CTi provide new and used telephone systems from Avaya, SpliceCom and Draytek. These three companies enable us to provide solutions for small offices with just a couple of people, up to and including hundreds of staff in one location or many.

Hosted Cloud SpliceCom

SpliceCom offer you own dedicated Hosted Virtual Server but for a lower monthly rental the CTi Cloudy SpliceCom system provides a very low cost hosted phone system for one or many more phones. The phone system control unit is not located in your office but is on the Internet. The main advantage is that the hardware is directly under our control and you havenít had to buy it, and you can use your phone anywhere with an adequate Internet connection.

Cloudy SpliceCom PCS 542 PCS 573G
CTi Cloudy SpliceCom just add phones.

Draytek IP PBX

This is a very low cost basic telephone system with voicemail. It supports up to 40 extensions / links to other systems, two PSTN connections and up to 10 different SIP VoIP trunk providers, it represents exceptional value as the unit includes an ADSL router and Firewall saving money on a separate purchase. If you opt for the Wi-Fi (wireless) version then the phone system and phones can effectively be FREE..

DrayTek Vigor BX2000 IP PBX and ADSL Router     DrayTek VigorIPPBX 2820 IP PBX and ADSL Router
DrayTek BX2000 & Vigor IPPBX 2820 inc. Router/Firewall

Avaya IP Office

Today this consists of a single IP Office 500 control unit which supports up to 1000 users, control units can be networked together to link different offices / increase capacity. There are a number of software applications that run on PCs &/or via web interface that help the integration with your IP Office and your data/PC network.

We also supply and support earlier versions with almost identical functionality. So just ask if you need second-hand / used IP Office 400 series or itís parent the Network Alchemy Argent Office, Argent Branch and CyberGear Gold systems, or help with your exiting one.

Network Alchemy ArgentCyberGear Gold Network Alchemy Argent Office and Argent Branch Avaya IP Office 400, 401, 403, 406 and 412 Avaya IP Office 500
  Argent Office Family       Avaya IP Office 400   and   IP Office 500


This can be a distributed networked telephone system, you place control or extension units where you need the phones. However large it grows - 4 to 100,000 users, the whole network/system is simply managed via a web browser . The SpliceCom system is available as a traditional set of metal boxes into which you plug phones and lines, as well as a software solution running on your own simple PC or on a Virtualised Server. The hardware PBX and software PBX connect to each other providing the right mix for your location(s). The SpliceCom telephone system is Apple as well as PC friendly.

SpliceCom 5108 5100 Purchase Rental
SpliceCom 5108 & 5100    SpliceCom SV1000   Rental Option

The telephone systems we supply support a mix of traditional analogue, system and IP phones. This enables you to use conference units, DECT and Wi-Fi phones with your phone system reducing the need for dedicated phone lines. All the IP Office family and the SpliceCom systems support partner software running on users computers to help with making and receiving phone calls.

Click and Dial

or Dial from Outlook Contact

Many people use contact manager software and databases to hold information about clients and suppliers. TAPI (Telephony Application Programme Interface) provides the ability to click and dial applications such as Outlook, ACT!, Access etc. It is also possible to automatically ďPopĒ the customer record card when the customer phones in.

Home / Remote Workers

All but the phone systems CTi Communications Ltd supply support remote workers, either via an IP phone(s) linked via a VPN or with their own small system or remote extension. This remote office system would support a number of people, who can call out / be contacted either via the head office or via local ISDN / SIP trunks.

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