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Britain's leading developer of telephone systems


....... is Britain's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of IP Telephone Systems, delivering Amazing Business Connectivity solutions for all types of company, irrespective of their size.

SpliceCom's modular and scalable maximiser family of products allow business telephone calls to be made and recieved anywhere, on any device; IP deskphones and softphones (like SpliceCom's PCS range of IP business phones), smart phones, tablets and traditional analogue phones. This geographical independence allows employees to communicate with customers, suppliers and other members of staff wherever they might be; in their office, at another site, working from home or on the road.

SpliceCom's suite of Vision Business Management applications then works hand-in-hand with maximiser to enable call recordings, live and historical performance information to be collected and delivered to those that require it - again totally independent of where and how employees choose to handle their telephone calls. SpliceCom's Vision Call Centre application works in exactly the same manner, delivering calls to Agents, wherever they might be and management information and control to Supervisors. The combination of maximiser and Vision allows organisations employing modern business practices and with a fluid, mobile workforce to maintain efficient, effective and measurable communication performance and so deliver against their business policies.

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Number     Price Total
  Main Unit      
5100 Call Server Up to 500 users, 8 analogue ext, 2xISDN2, 4PoE, 4port Voicemail, 10 mail boxes.
Extra 2xISDN2 2xISDN30 8x analogue phone 12x Voice Processing ports by licence keys.
Soft PBX Family All S8000s include 8 x IP User, 8 x Voicemail Box, 2 x Voice Processing Port,
4 x Universal Trunks & 2 x iPCS licences.
S716 is equipped 5 x IP User, 5 x Voicemail Boxs,2 x Voice Processing Port, 2 x Universal Trunks & 2 x iPCS.
MultiApp Platform SpliceCom Linux Platform for embedded apps. Supplied pre-loaded with S716/S8000 Soft PBX, Vision Business Management and SSL Gateway apps. £
Rack for MAP Passive rack for 19" cabinets. Large enough for 1 MAP and 1 Module. £
ISDN2e (BRI) Module Equipped with four separate BRI interfaces (up to eight trunks) and single LAN interface that accepts PoE power (4w). Supplied with one BRI (two trunks) enabled. £
Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) Module Equipped with single PRI interface (up to thirty trunks) and single LAN interface that accepts PoE power (4w). Supplied with eight trunks enabled. £
Analogue Phone Module Equipped with eight individual analogue phone ports and single LAN interface that accepts PoE power (15.4w). Supports analogue phones, fax machines, modems, etc. £
PSU for Modules Optional PSU for standalone use or deployment in the Intelligent Gateway Module rack. Powers up to four individual Intelligent Gateway Modules. £
Rack for Modules Passive rack system for 19" cabinets. Holds up to five individual Intelligent Gateway Modules, or four if the optional PSU is utilised. £
IP User Licence Licence to enable one PCS or 3rd party IP Phone   £
Universal Trunk Licence Licence to enable a single trunk channel (BRI, PRI, DPNSS, SIP or H.323) £
Voicemail Box Licence Licence to enable voicemail box for one extra user. (10 voicemail boxes supplied as standard with
each 5100 Call Server - 5 voicemail boxes supplied with each 5108 Call Server).
Voice Processing Port Licence Licence to enable a single concurrent voice processing port on the 5108 and 5100 Call Servers
and when running the maximiser voice processing application on a standalone Mac/Linux platform.
Two Enhanced Speech Processing Licences Licence to enable 2 x ESPs (multi-level auto attendant, direct dial through & IVR) on a single
concurrent channel basis.
Eight Port Analogue Extension Licence Licence to enable eight further analogue extensions on the 5100 Call Server £
  Total SpliceCom System Price     £
  Phones See SpliceCom phones    
PCS 563 IP Phone + IP User Licence SpliceCom phone with full colour, context sensitve display, nine soft keys HD voice. £
PCS 553 IP Phone + IP User Licence SpliceCom phone with LCD context sensitve display, eight soft keys HD voice. £
PCS 542 IP Phone + IP User Licence SpliceCom phone with green back lit LCD context sensitve display, ten function keys. £
PCS 520 / Gemini 9335 CLI Analogue SpliceCom phone with 3 line LCD display, ten function keys. £
PCS 505 / Gemini Basic Basic analogue SpliceCom phone. £
Wi-Fi Cordless CLI Phone Phone with charger base which connects to your Wi-Fi network. Needs IP User Licence. £
Netgear 1 Gb 24 port PoE Rack-mountable switch with 10/100/1000 automatic speed and full/half-duplex sensing plus Auto Uplinkô
on every port. Lifetime Warranty. PoE so it will power IP phones and Intelligent Gateway Modules.
  Total Phone Price     £
Patch Leads   £
RJ45 - BT Master Adapter   £
Commissioning   £
1 UK Delivery   £
  Total Bits Price     £
  Vision Software      
Vision Reports Management reports on up to 25 users extra licences can increase this number. Requires
Intel based Apple Mac (OS X version 10.6 or later) not-supplied.
Report licence is required for each User on the maximiser.
Vision Record Enables one concurrent encrypted recording channel. Requires Vision Reports and a
Voice Processing Port Licence for each channel.
Vision Live Enables one concurrent Vision Live client. Requires Vision Reports or Vision Mobility £
Vision Mobility Enables up to 25 Mobility users. This can be expanded through the addition of extra licences.
Requires Intel based Apple Mac (OS X version 10.6 or later) not supplied.
Vision Reports is not required.
Vision Starter Pack Bundle of Vision Reports, Vision Mobility both for up to 25 users and one concurrent Vision
Live client. Requires Intel based Apple Mac (OS X version 10.6 or later) not supplied.
  Total Software Price     £
  CAT 5      
Per point (aprox)   £
  Total SpliceCom System Price £
  Total Phone Price £
  Total Bits Price £
  Total Vision Software Price £
  CAT 5e £
  Total   £









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