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CTi provide install and support the communication software need by any office, starting with the Office suit of applications that has been supplied by Microsoft, through writing sending and storing emails and faxes, as well as our speciality - linking the phone system and your network which improves productivity and makes life easier.

Office Applications

Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office, but become confused when they see the new menu bars in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 and they know how to use Outlook. At home they have become familiar with the web mail interface of gmail and hotmail etc. We can show you how your staff can work efficiently without purchasing Microsoft Office for all the computers in your office, which could be a significant saving.

Email Servers

If you are working as a group of people it is more efficient and professional to be someone@yourcompany.co.uk rather than fred54985@hotmail.com . We can register your domain name for you and provide options on how to get and distribute organisation’s email. Either via a program running on a PC in your office or on a server on the internet, either way you can collect and send email via Outlook, a web page and your internet enabled mobile phone.

Fax Server

CTi install and configure a software Fax Server that provides an efficient, effective method for receiving and sending* faxes. Fax Server is perfect for automatically distributing faxes, confidential and/or private faxing, save on line rental and toner and paper costs.

*PC applications or as plain text fax emails rendered in formatted letters

Click and Dial

People often ask us to make their database “Pop” a client record when they phone in, or mail a call when they press the dial button. Of course we can do this, but it is a collaborative effort between the phone system and the database.

Phone Software

The phone systems we supply connect with your computer network, so they can be easily configured from a computer, call logging enables reporting on any PC as well as Call Centre Software, but our systems provide tighter personal interaction. So that on your computer you can see what is happening with your phone and others on the system, log what has happened on your phone, as well as make calls.

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