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CTi are not a box shifting company, you can always get an item cheaper, but what will really cost the most is not getting it setup properly & loss of productivity as it's not working the way you require. This is were we can make a major difference to you and your organisation. With our support contracts you just call us & we will fix the problem, make the changes without extra charges (see T&Cs for full details).

Unlike most support contracts that only cover fixing broken equipment, ours includes the day to day configuration changes as your need change. So your equipment stays working much, much longer as it stays relevant and useful for decades.

Installation and Training

We understand both Telephone and Computer Systems, which means you can have a single point of contact to take you from an empty building / building site to a fully integrated office with all the IT requirements that is needed in the 21st century.

That's cabling, Wi-Fi & external phone lines as well as connecting up all the hardware you need to get your office working. Once that's in place we can train your people how to use it.


CTi are fully accredited to support your system and attend manufacturer training courses to ensure we are fully up-to-date with the latest developments.

No waiting - the person who answers the phone should be able to start working on your problem immediately.

Cabling &/or Wi-Fi

Once you have people working anywhere, you need to connect their computers, phones etc to each other and to the rest of the world. This has meant cabling, we can cable your office/home to CAT5e or CAT6 standards, and we can also enable Wi-Fi links for those devices not physically connected.

Between buildings we can run cable or Wi-Fi links. We supply Wi-Fi that will work up to 5km with a clear line of site.


CC-TV is now very cost effective and easy to fit. With PoE CC-TV a single cable connects your CC-TV cameras to your network / Network Video Recorder (NVR).

You can access your CC-TV cameras and NVR control box when you are in your property or via the Internet.

Disaster Recovery

This is everything from your building getting blown-up /flooded and you loose everything, to the staff canít get in because of the snow and you need to keep working. But most of the logic and cost in ensuring your business keeps working also enables home / remote working

Most backup plans rely on you waiting a few days while your IT infrastructure is re-purchased and re built. For most of us that is just too long.

Phone Lines and Low Price Calls

Today you have a bigger choice than ever for your phone lines and phone calls. If you opt for a landline, most of the time it is still a BT group company providing the line, but the calls go via a number of networks. More and more companies are opting to have their lines delivered across the Internet as it's a cheaper if slightly less reliable service. But what is best for your company?

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 13/05/2024 13:16:34 , but should only be used as a guide.