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The supply and support of these product is our raison d'etre, starting from a position of many years experience in the sales an installation of telephones, the launch of Network Alchemy's modular IP Office range of telephone systems provided a natural convergence of voice and data system. One system would give an office, telephony and Internet / networking. We embraced this product an expanded our product range from ISDN Internet access to support ADSL and cable connections.

The Internet has become a business essential so we now supply routers that support dual Internet connections giving you a much more reliable Internet connection. So much so that for some offices all their data is stored on the Internet and full Cloud Computing enables them to work from anywhere.

Telephone Systems

CTi provide new and used telephone systems from Avaya, SpliceCom and Draytek. These three companies enable us to provide solutions for small offices with just a couple of people, up to and including hundreds or staff in one location or spread across many.

All the telephone systems we supply support a mix of traditional analogue, system and IP phones. This enables you to use conference units, DECT and Wi-Fi phones with your phone system reducing the need for dedicated phone lines. All the IP Office family and the SpliceCom systems support partner software running on users computers to help with making and receiving phone calls.

Internet Access

This is now an essential, but why donít you have a back-up connection &/or dual working to effectively double your speed?

The routers and Firewalls we supply do that, network offices together and allow home workers and mobile user to connect into the office.

Not all Internet connections are equal, this is down to the ISP, the distance from the exchange and the type of connection.

Cloud Computing

In it's ultimate implementation, everything for your IT other than the screen to work with, is held on the Internet, so you and your office can work from anywhere with an Internet connection without any special equipment.

In a way computing has come full circle from the early days with a big central machine with lots of identical simple terminals connected to it, through running things locally on a mixture of different machines, back to a remote store with a common access.

Nobody wants to be locked out from their IT for days or weeks, so we have a Cloud Combination Solution, where your data exists "in the cloud" (on the Internet) and locally in your office


CTi supply a full range of traditional analogue, IP, Avaya IP Office, Splicecom, Wi-Fi phones, including video phones and headsets.


We also supply those "extra" items that help the smooth running of your equipment and/or provide the functionality missing from the basic product. Things Like UPS to keep things running when the electricity stops, a door entry unit so that anyone with a phone can answer the door or a web cam so you can see who's there and what is happening.

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