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Phone Software

Desktop Call Logger / Call Reporting Call Centre

The phone systems we supply connect with your computer network, so they can be easily configured from a computer, call logging enables reporting on any PC as well as Call Centre Software, but our systems provide tighter personal interaction. So that on your computer you can see what is happening with your phone and others on the system, log what has happened on your phone, as well as make calls.

To work well, the phone system needs to be designed with this functionality in mind.


The first to bring these abilities to the mass market were Network Alchemy with the Argent Office (which evolved to the Avaya IP Office), with network enabled hardware and a suite of FREE software - Phone Manager, Call Status, Call Logger and Voicemail with Voicemail to email functionality. It is then relatively easy to interact with databases and record calls, the team then went on to form SpliceCom and have kept winning awards as they provide more and more funtionality.

Argent Office Phone Manager Application      Avaya IP Office Phone Manager Application

SpliceCom Navigate Pro Application

Where you previously needed an expensive top end phone to show who was on a call, provide one touch dial/call transfer, call divert and forwarding. This team provided Free software, all you had to do was click a mouse. If you were out of the office you could receive an email giving notification and details / a copy of a Voicemail left for you at the office.

Call Logger / Call Reporting

The Vision Call Logger / call reporting package can automatically produce reports for departmental / visitor / tenant phone bills based on inbound / outbound calls.

But, it is far more useful than that. Popular reports show if you are paying for too many or too few trunks, a list of the calls you have missed that day - emailed to you so your team can call them back.

Do you know how many calls you are answering / how long it takes to answer / who is doing all the work? Basic Vision Reporting that is FREE with every new SpliceCom SV1000 system answers those questions, and provides you regular updates on how you and your team are performing.

How Many Calls Do We Miss graph      Number Of Calls Per User

These show that when answered, the time is OK, but over half the calls go unanswered and only a couple of people in a team are answering the calls.

Call Centre

Call Centre software comes in two parts, displaying real-time information on wallboards so everyone can see what is happening, to reporting on departmental/team/individual agent behaviour.

SpliceCom Wallboard      SpliceCom Agent Report SpliceCom Agent Status BLF      SpliceCom Wallboard

Buying a cheap call centre phone system can be very expensive as you will probably out grow its capabilities in a year.

As with many things in IT, the differences between phone systems are getting smaller, however when it comes to Call Centre functionality many systems claim to offer the functionality when really it's just enhanced call logging with a basic wallboard thrown in. This will be fine for most people for the first 6 months, possibly a year, when you want to get detailed information on individual staff your system may not be able to deliver.

From the mid 80's through to the mid 00's one manufacturer system powered more UK Call Centres than any other, with a customer list that included the major banks, travel agencies & cable TV. SDX's experience enabled even the most demanding Call Centre manager to get the most from their staff. With this susses it is not surprising that late in the 90's it was bought by Lucent Technologies. With their other telecoms divisions, this became Avaya, and they ported the Call Centre to IP Office which was version 3 of the Network Alchemy network phone system & moved the development to Eastern Europe, & wrote a brand new Call Centre package.

The people behind SDX teamed up with those from Network Alchemy to form SpliceCom, so the SpliceCom Vision Call Centre has been able to take 20 years market leading experience and move it into the Internet age, making it the natural successor to the previously dominant SDX

For details watch the short videos on YouTube especially, Vision Reports, Vision Live & Vision Call Centre.

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