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Phone Lines and Free / Low Price Calls

BT are over half way through the project to get rid of all traditional phone lines and move every phone line to VoIP. If you are still on traditional analogue or ISDN lines you will have to change, and if you do it with us, you can typically make savings of 70% on a standard monthly phone bill.

That phone bill will normally be ⅔rds line rental and ⅓rd call charges, both of which can almost be eliminated when you move to VoIP. Traditional line rentals vary between 12 & 26 per month depending on your provider, and you can pay even more if they include bundled minutes.

We offer two different types of Calling Plan

6 per channel per month and Free Calls

This is better than half price line rental and each channel (line equivalent) comes with 2500 mins to UK landline / mobile numbers. If you have 10 channels you can make / receive 10 simultaneous calls and you have 25,000 mins to UK landline / mobile numbers, unless you are running a Call Centre you are highly unlikely to use you allowance - hence all calls are Free. You also pay 50p per DDI number people can use to call you.

This gives you confidence that your bill will always be the same low price, plus the cost of any 0845 or other funny / international numbers you may have called.

1.20 per DDI number with unlimited simultaneous calls

If you receive a lot of calls on a number then this is perfect for you as you pay just 1.20 per month however many simultaneous calls you receive. This service also includes a real time log of all incoming and outgoing calls with the option of free call recording. You just have a modest per min call charge. As an anti-hack measure this includes limits on the per min cost of national & international calls that you set making easy to block premium rate services.

Call pricing lookup

Lookup the cost of a call, eg 01242 (for Cheltenham) or +33 (for France)

Our Hybrid Solution

The phone systems we supply support more than one service, most organisations what unlimited incoming customer calls, yet need to keep their cost down. Our solution is simple, you have your incoming calls on the 1.20 per number service, and make calls on a much-reduced number of 6 per channels, giving you the smallest phone bill possible.

As it is just a converter our ISDN to SIP converter only supports a single SIP account

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 11/07/2024 15:09:16 , but should only be used as a guide.