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Avaya IP Office Named Product of the Year

IP Office 500

An Avaya IP Office small business phone system enables your entire organization to connect and collaborate in real-time, using available and appropriate devices-including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.

  • Grow from five employees to 1,000 (at a single site) and network up to 32 locations.

  • Use IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination. IP Office interoperates with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide.

  • Scale cost-effectively as your business grows. Simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology.

With more than 300,000 systems installed worldwide, IP Office is the leader in unified communications for small and midsize businesses.

IP Office has a built-in, secure 128-party conference bridge. We add call recording, automated attendants, voice mail, voice-mail-to-email integration, and video collaboration options. Move up to advanced unified communications capabilities-for presence status, IM, mobile call control, conferencing, and easy-to-use desktop, mobile, and room-based video conferencing. Integrate with desktop applications and employee devices (such as smart phones and tablets).

Take advantage of intelligent failover between sites. Or, for single location deployments, easily add a redundant server. Without the need for internal fans or hard drives.

Manage multiple sites from a single interface. Use drag-and-drop system management tools. Give users the communications features they need with applications designed for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.

IP Office 500 Calculator Ver. .
Number   New Total
  Main Unit    
IP Office 500 v1 with Feature Key (Secondhand)
IP Office 500 v2 with SD card
  Base Unit "Drawers" and Cards    
Draw Number 1
Draw Number 2
Draw Number 3
Draw Number 4
Card Number 1
Card Number 2
Card Number 3
Card Number 4
  Expansion Units    
IP Office Phone16
IP Office Phone30
DS Module 16 DS phones
DS Module 30 DS phones  
Rack Mount Kits
  Total IP Office Kit Price  
Avaya DS 1403
Avaya DS 1408
Avaya DS 1416
Gemini 9335 CLI
Cordless with CLI
  Total Phone Price  
IP Office DTE Cable.
Patch Leads
RJ45 - BT Master Adapter
1 UK Delivery
  Total Bits Price  
IP Office Essential Edition Licence required by all new v8+ systems for more than just basic functionality
IP Office Voicemail Pro
SoftConsole for Operator
  Total Software Price  
  CAT 5    
Per point (aprox)
  Total IP Office Kit Price  
  Total Phone Price  
  Total Bits Price  
  Total Software Price  
  CAT 5e  









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