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How to setup the SpliceCom iPCS app

Once an iPCS licence has been added to your extension you can download the “SpliceCom iPCS” app from Google Play or Apple iTunes

Get it on Google Play

Open the app

Obviously you will need to allow it to use your microphone & speaker.

If you let it access contacts then you can see when they call you, and look up the details when making calls.

Allow Permissions

Make sure Enabled is NOT selected

make sure Enabled is NOT selected

Select “Server”

The enter the details that were given when you got your licence:

IP address, Extension & Log in code

Android – Go back, or on iPhone – Press Done

Select Enabled

Enabled Selected

The Status will change to "Connected"


Then at the bottom of the screen

Bottom icons

Select, Favourites / History / Contacts and you should see the details from your phone are now on the app.

This is now your deskphone, so don’t forget to look at

Check Divert and Forward settings

And unselect Do Not Disturb / set Divert mode to None or you won’t get the calls.

Your phone's power saving may try to close the iPCS app, if you have problems, look in Power Management / allow to run in background / preferential app setting and change the settings accordingly. This differs between manufactures and models of phone, and https://dontkillmyapp.com has some ways to help.

iPhones have introduced Private Relay that keeps changing your IP address so nobody knows where you are and thus your phone system can't find you, mobile bank apps fail as you appear to change location in the middle of a transaction. This must be turned off.

Private Relay Off

iPhones also stop apps running in the background unless you specifically permit them, you need to allow this for iPCS to recive calls.

Background On

Most Android phones automatically manage the battery use of apps, when this happens the apps are shut down, if this happens to iPCS you will not be able to receive calls. The wording changes between phones but automatic power management of the iPCS is a bad thing and needs to be disabled.

Automatic Manage Off

When you finish work, just click Settings and make sure the Status says "Connected", then and unselect Enabled. If you are not connected the phone system won't "see" your instruction stop routing the calls to the iPCS app, and your desk phone will stay "OFFLINE".

   offline   Connected


Android User Manual

iPhone User Manual

Note for Administrators

The iPCS app normally connects to your Public IP address on port 5000 that is forwarded to the SpliceCom phone system gateway. However when you are in your office, on your office Wi-Fi this forwarding may not work, you then need to use the Internal IP address of the SpliceCom phone system gateway.

So your users don't need to keep changing the IP address in their app, you need to make a couple of new DNS records:

In your public DNS record set splicecom.<YourDomainName> to point to your Public IP address

and on your internal DNS server set splicecom.<YourDomainName> to point to the Internal IP address of the SpliceCom phone system gateway.

Your users then enter splicecom.<YourDomainName> into the "Address" setting in the iPCS app

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