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Fax Server

CTi install and configure a software Fax Server that provides an efficient, effective method for receiving and sending* faxes. Fax Server is perfect for automatically distributing faxes, confidential and/or private faxing, save on line rental and toner and paper costs.

*PC applications or as plain text fax emails rendered in formatted letters

Fax Machine problems

the fax is physically in the wrong location

frequently runs out of toner, paper or both

the important fax you’ve been waited for is wrongly, or distributed late

confidential faxes require you phoning the person sending the fax calling you on a mobile whilst you wait by the fax or the cost of a dedicated fax line and your own fax machine

more expensive faxes keeps receiving faxes into memory for hundreds of pages even though its run out of paper – so the sender believes the fax has gone out

No automatic notification from the fax that there is a problem without visually checking

Fax Server enables

Everyone with a PC can fax direct from their desktop

Everyone can receive personal or departmental faxes automatically to their computer through email - This requires integration with phone system

Confidential faxes come directly to you

All inbound and outbound faxes are logged with a copy kept for reference / backup if required

No delays in receipt of faxes

Junk faxes can be deleted without wasting paper / toner

Wanted faxes can be printed on standard printers – no special paper required

Email confirmation of each fax that is sent or has failed to be sent

The Fax Server is sold on a per license basis from 10 to 5000 users. The software is installed on a Windows PC on your network and start at £90 for 10 users.

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 13/05/2024 13:16:34 , but should only be used as a guide.