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Email Servers

If you are working as a group of people it is more efficient and professional to be someone@yourcompany.co.uk rather than fred54985@hotmail.com . We can register your domain name for you and provide options on how to get and distribute organisation’s email. Either via a program running on a PC in your office or on a server on the internet, either way you can collect and send email via Outlook, a web page and your internet enabled mobile phone.

Office Based

In traditional offices with all the staff working in an office, then an office based mail server is for you. All your mail comes into the office once and is distributed internally via your mail server to people’s computers. The individuals can choose to access that mail via programs like Outlook or via a web browser.

When people work out of the office or they want their mail on their phones then that email needs to come back out of the office Internet connection and onto the external computer or phone.

We provide a very economic option with VPOP which will run on any Windows PC.

Number of Users


SPAM filter




£45 p/a




£100 p/a




£150 p/a




£250 p/a




£350 p/a

Cloud Based

With people needing to access their email from anywhere at any time then “Cloud Computing” has become popular. This is where your email sits on a server on the Internet, as long as you have an Internet connection you can access you email at a speed determined by your connection, not how busy things are in the office. If the office has a power cut or your server falls over in the past you couldn’t get your mail, with Cloud computing you can.

CTi can set up and support you using Google Apps, which includes their email service. You remain someone@yourcompany.co.uk with sales@yourcompany.co.uk and support@yourcompany.co.uk groups, Google stores the mail. You access it in the same ways that you have done, but now you also have Gmail front end and the Gmail apps on smart phones. Google Apps is £35 per user per year. Once we have helped you migrate across from your old server for email we can show you more ways to improve your resiliency and reduce IT support costs.

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 13/05/2024 13:16:34 , but should only be used as a guide.