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Draytek IP-PBX and BX 2000

After making these lovely little phone systems, Draytek has unfortunately withdrawn from the telecoms market. We however, still provide support on both the Draytek IP-PBX & BX2000. The IPPBX was based on the Draytek 2820, connected to ASDL and had two ISDN2e ports, while the BX2000 which replaced it was based on the Draytek 2860 both were very low-cost, licence free, basic telephone system with voicemail. Each user was licence free, so adding more extensions couldn't be cheaper, being just cost the price of the phone or app on your smartphone.

DrayTek VigorIPPBX 2820 IP PBX and ADSL Router     DrayTek Vigor BX2000 and FTTC Router/Firewall
Vigor IPPBX 2820     DrayTek BX2000 both inc. Router/Firewall


The Draytek IP-PBX and Draytek BX2000 were Draytek's flagship router of the day, the Draytek 2830 and Draytek 2860 respectively with a phone system board added. These routers have continued to evolve and now the Draytek 2865 and Draytek 2866 with Gigabyte throughput on the WAN can provide the router / firewall element, there are a number of options for the phone system.

If you only need less than 8 extensions then add the Gigaset or Yealink with DECT handsets registered to them may meet your requirement. If you need the handsets to work further than the coverage of a single DECT base then you either need a "Cloud" hosted system or a VoIP system with controller hosted on your own VM (Virtual Machine running on your own server) or on its own dedicate box.

Our SpliceCom SV1000 will support anything from a couple of phones to many thousands, just call us for a chat and we can advice you on the exact configuration that is best for your needs.

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