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Customer Comments

Operations Director: 3 December

"We do very much appreciate you going beyond the call of duty! Out of the number of companies we deal with, CtI ranks very highly in its superb levels of customer service."

Advice Center Manager: April 2020

"By the way, you were definitely ahead of the game in predicting how dire everything would be with the Coronavirus outbreak - I have to admit to thinking you might be over-reacting when you first sent round an email warning everyone to be prepared. But I will take everything you say very seriously from now on, you were completely right 🙂

Thanks for all the help"

Homeowner having CCTV: 30 November

"Thank you for your incredibly hard work yesterday, inspiring to watch you charge on relentless of obstacle , and tooled up better than a commando dropped into a foreign jungle!!"

Technical Delivery Manager: 11 September

"Many thanks for your excellent support over the years. I have really appreciated it"

Deputy IT Manager: 16 July

"Your support and knowledge has been massively helpful and got me out of many a sticky spot over the last 2 years.

Iím taking everything Iíve learned with me to pastures new and wanted to extend a massive thank you...

Iíll be sure to recommend your fabulous services to anybody who cares to listen and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Hedge Fund Financial Controller: 4 October

"you provide us an excellent service at fair value"

Centre Manager/Administrator: 19 June

"...you are a little star!! ...Thanks I am so grateful for you all being there!!"

Compliance Office: 18 October

"Thank you for the info and the prompt service repair work"

Party Office Manager: 2 September

"Over the office move it has become very apparent to me what a phenomenal level of service that CTI provide us with, the two of you have been presented with tricky problems and come up with creative solutions. James, who worked with us on the move, was also very impressed with your technical skill and work ethic.

If everyone of my contractors had performed to the standard of CTI then the entire move would have been a breeze.

I also know from Ben, how responsive you were during the General Election, providing us with that extra 110% just when we needed it."

Office Manager: 14 April

"... Customer Services told me we were not eligible to renew our support contract/schedule, and that I should take out an agreement direct with CTI which I have now done. CTI have been amazingly helpful throughout."

Technical Manager - Finland: 09 Aug

"It arrived today. Seems to work great. The software seems also be in Finnish, so we can use the new version. Thank you, it was great doing business with you."

Property Manager: 25 May

"I am writing to thank you very much indeed for everthing you have done for us in relation to the new telephone system for our Head Office.

"From specification to installation the service you and your colleagues, have given has been extremely efficient and professional. The support you have all given us since, and propably will continue to for a few months yet, has also been great.

"You can rest assured that we will use every opportunity in the future to promote the system and work you have done for us and we are certainly looking forward to working with you on the new projects coming along."

Volunteer Bureau: 29Sept

"A very big THANK YOU! Just a quick note to thank you for all the help with my computer and phone problems this morning. Your patience and tolerance is very much appreciated."

International Journalist: 25 May

"MANY MANY THANKS for all your help in getting our Internet organised - heaven knows how anyone does it without an expert like you to help them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Co-op Development Agency: 10 April

Installation Signoff Document's Comments: "Very friendly and efficient service. Well done."

Communications Specialists: 16 Oct

"All in all, systems are working really well and weíre very very pleased with it, the time it saves us and the service we receive from you. Excellent!"

Property Manager: 2 May

"IT works! They installed the new software AHHHH RELIEF! Thanks for all your supportive emails!"

London Institute: 14 May

Subject: 'Thanks' "... thanks once again for your help."

Leasing Broker: 13 Jun

"Thanks for the news letter - ... I am your greatest fan already - as for the advice I would like you to do whatever you think we need remotely if possible and just bill me for your time."

Primary School: 21 May

Installation Signoff Document's Comments: "Excellent service (he even fixed the printer!!)"

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