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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

In it’s ultimate implementation, everything for your IT other than the screen to work with, is held on the Internet, so you and your office can work from anywhere with an Internet connection without any special equipment.

In a way computing has come full circle from the early days with a big central machine with lots of identical simple terminals (the age dominated by IBM) connected to it, through running things locally on a mixture of different machines (the age dominated by Microsoft), back to a remote store with a common access (the age dominated by Google).

The big advantages are cost savings, ease of use and security:


No server / licenses to purchase or maintain, no setting up of individual programs on multiple PCs, no multiple purchase of “Office” software, no updates to roll out.


You just point your browser on any machine anywhere at the Internet and off you go with no backups to manage


Your Server / Internet / power fail far more often than that of the Cloud suppliers


No data left on laptops left on trains, no memory sticks to loose

The down side as shown by the problems with Amazon and Sony in Spring 2011 is that however big and clever you are, you can still have problems be it of your own making or by being hacked.

Combination Solution

Nobody wants to be locked out from their IT for days or weeks, so we have a Cloud Combination Solution, where your data exists “in the cloud” (on the Internet) and locally in your office.

There are three main elements - Email, Applications and Data:


We recommend the Google Apps solution, as most people have no problem with the Gmail interface and it easily syncs with email programs, smartphones and backup servers. It works especially well with Outlook and Android mobile phones.


Most programs have a web based option or equivalent, you are probably used to Microsoft Office on your PC but you have some options as detailed in our Office Applications section. Databases also have web access, so perform most every day to day tasks without having anything installed / configured / updated on your computer. This helps keep support costs to a minimum as there is nothing to maintain on any local machine.


If you use Google Apps they provide inclusive storage for documents in their own format and you can buy storage for documents in other formats. There are numbers of companies that offer storage space on the internet including some that will back up your information held at Google.

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