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Low cost Office set-up with Cheap / Free Phone system

Until recently, to get your company communicating with itself and the rest of the world you needed a reasonable investment in the building – phone lines, cabling linking the offices and a server.

Today you can run a business with many people using an Internet service over just one phone line.

Whether you are a traditionalist or a modernist, or somewhere in between we can help get the mix of features that is right for you.

Phone Lines – The cheaper option

With Internet VoIP SIP telephone services many conversations can happen at the same time via a single Internet connection, be it ADSL or cable. The people calling you phone a standard UK landline number e.g. 01242 621621 but it comes into your office via the Internet not down a normal phone line in the traditional way.


Cheaper to install

Faster to install

You keep your numbers where-ever you move

Cheap “line” rental

Cheap call costs


If your Internet fails you lose your phones

Sometimes lower speech quality

Save money on Cabling

This is running the wiring from the comms cabinet where the phone system and the data switches sit which connect everything up. At just £150 per point it might not seem much but with everyone needing at least two sockets, and with printers you can soon have a bill of £3900* for an office of 10 people.

Fast Internet Access

For reliability we would recommend at least two Internet connections from different ISPs with as little in common as possible. One service via your BT exchange (but not from BT) and the other from cable (Virgin Media) is perfect. Rather than wasting one as a back-up, these two connections would be used simultaneously, effectively doubling your Internet speed and providing continuity of service if one failed.

Cheap / Free Phone System and Phones

We supply a 2820 IP-PBXn which combines a router/firewall (£20) with a phone system for just £440, effectively providing a phone system for just £420.

Then add 10 Wi-Fi phones (£150 each) gives you a phone system and phones for £1920 (plus configuration).

*Traditionally those 10 people would have about 24 cabled points – £3600 add to that a 24 port data switch (£300) giving a traditional infrastructure cost of £3900, that is all money saved.

So a Wi-Fi office effectively gives you a FREE Phone System and FREE Phones.

You can run your own costing at our Draytek IPPBX 2820 Calculator page.

Wi-Fi Office - Dual Internet, Phones, Computors and Printer

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 23/10/2023 15:50:42 , but should only be used as a guide.