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SIP to ISDN converter - SIP to ISDN gateway

SIP to ISDN converter

Our SIP to ISDN converter will let your ISDN phone system connect to VoIP - just plug it in. If your current ISDN phone system doesn't support SIP VoIP and you want to take advantage of cheap VoIP phone lines or any VoIP service without changing it then you need a SIP to ISDN converter / ISDN to SIP converter (SIP gateway). Unplug from your BT ISDN box(es) and plug into the converter, your phone system doesn't know anything has changed.

We will configure the SIP to ISDN converter / SIP to ISDN gateway with the details of your chosen SIP VoIP provider, you unplug from the ISDN & plug into the SIP VoIP to ISDN converter and start saving money.

After lots of moving of goal posts these units have finally been added to a very small list of approved devices that BT has approved to connect to BT SIP VoIP services, and is by far easiest to implement as well as the cheapest ISDN system to SIP converter

Select the correct unit below to match your type of ISDN & the number of channel. New lower prices.

ISIP 8 - 1 BRI (2 channels) 320 240
ISIP 8 - 2 BRI (4 channels) 480 300
ISIP 8 - 3 BRI (6 channels) 550 320
ISIP 8 - 4 BRI (8 channels) 660 420
ISIP 30 - 10 channels 820 660
ISIP 30 - 20 channels 1,010 840
ISIP 30 - 30 channels 1,200 960

The iSIP VoIP SIP to ISDN converter / SIP to ISDN gateway connects to a PoE class 1 supply. If you don't have one we can supply them for 20 and you will need us to set it up and configure it for 20. Due to chip shortages we may need to supply a SpliceCom 5100 operating in iSIP mode, the firewall and setup are slightly different than the instructions below. Click here to see them.

ISDN to SIP Converter

Customer Comment

After a year - "Great problem free product and we really appreciated your expertise"

Set the Firewall Rules

You will need to enable SIP and RTP port forwarding in your firewall, and lock them to your VoIP exchange. In a Draytek 2860 or newer this takes 20 minutes, if you want us to do this for you we can and will charge our normal support rates.

Ports Locked to VoIP Exchanges

For updates and provisioning Port 443 needs to access isdnsip.com. On other routers it may take longer to set things up.

When ready to test

  1. Unpack the iSIP ISDN to SIP converter and adaptor(s).
  2. Plug the iSIP VoIP SIP to ISDN converter into a PoE port on your network or plug it into a PoE injector and plug that into your network, watch the lights start flashing on the iSIP VoIP to ISDN converter.
  3. Scan your network to find the iSIP VoIP SIP to ISDN converter, look for the MAC address or SpliceCom.
  4. Bind that MAC address to the IP address you want to use so the iSIP VoIP SIP to ISDN converter always receives the same IP address, if necessary, reboot the iSIP VoIP to ISDN converter.
  5. Check the port forwarding rules in your firewall are set to this IP address.
  6. Look at that IP address in a browser and see if it is showing registered at the exchange.
  7. If registered, plug the adaptor(s) into the iSIP ISDN to SIP converter.
  8. Unplug your phone system's ISDN cable(s) from the BT box.
  9. Plug your phone system's ISDN cable(s) into the adaptor.
  10. Look at the converter IP address in a browser and it should show connected to your phone system.
  11. Try a test call, you should see via the browser page the number of calls seen on the ISDN and seen on the VoIP SIP connection.

How to connect iSIP converter to phone system

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