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How to setup Navigate Pro to partner a Yealink phone


  1. Download on the PC https://max.splicecom.com/InstallNavigatePro.

  2. Run InstallNavigatePro.

  3. Windows will ask for administrator approval to do the installation, stay logged in as the normal user of the PC, just use an Administrators details to permit the installation.

  4. Follow Guide https://iris.splicecom.com/downloadable.files/NavigatePro%20Installation%20Guide-August-21.pdf

  5. Click cogs icon on far right hand side

  6. Select User Configuration

  7. Select Advanced -> Partner

    1. Gatekeeper is normaly splicecom.yourdomain

      i.e. splicecom.bloggs.co.uk Check with CTi

    2. CP – Tick this enables Centralised Partner mode

    3. Number is your Extension Number

    4. Login Code is on the list CTi gave you

    Navigate Pro partner settings
  8. Press Restart

  9. This computer / Navigate Pro is now setup


User Guide is here https://iris.splicecom.com/downloadable.files/NavigatePro-User-Guide.pdf


To make it easy to access, drag and drop the icon from the Hidden to the Main icon tray.

Move Navigate Pro icon to System Tray

Navigate Pro Auto Launch settings

If you would like Navigate Pro to start with your computer you can tick Auto Launch, which is under Settings -> User Configuration -> General.

There you will also find the ability to mute sounds coming from your PC while on a call i.e. Music or Video

If you want to see the status of other people / groups on the system also have click and dial / click and transfer, then set the Favourites to launch when Navigate Pro starts.

This is under Settings -> User Configuration -> Advanced -> Favourite Panel.

Favourite settings
Navigate Pro Auto Update settings

If you would like Navigate Pro to Check for Updates you can tick Updates, which is under Settings -> User Configuration -> Advanced -> System Info.

If a new version of Navigate Pro is available, then the task bar icon will show a red spot to denote an update is available, you will also see a message window.

If you want to edit your Favourites

This is under Settings -> User Configuration -> Favourite.

An easy way to add a Favourites is in Call History, right click the number, and then click the heart icon

           Add To Favourite

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