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What is a Cloud or hosted Phone System ?

This will work for a single phone over a normal ADSL connection but for an office with many phones you need a good Internet connection with bandwidth available for telephony.

The phone system control unit is not located in your office but is on the Internet. The main advantage is that the hardware is directly under the system maintainers control and you haven’t had to buy it, and you can use your phone anywhere with an adequate Internet connection.

You just plug in a SpliceCom IP phone, we can enter the setting in the phone / walk you through it and you have a working phone(s).

This is a state of the art fully functional phone system with no complex hardware at your site, the solution scales from 1 to 10,000+

At it’s most basic level you can connect your SpliceCom or IP phone or Smartphone app to an Internet connected network and you can make & receive calls on your landline / call any extension in your organisation.

How do I get a Cloud Phone System ?

  1. Get your user licence
  2. Pick your phone
  3. Select and extra functionality i.e. call recording
  4. Select you phone number(s)
  5. Plug in
  6. Connect to the Internet

What is it going to cost ?

The are a few pricing models available, but they generally split into minimum initial cost or minimum ongoing monthly rental. CTi Communications Ltd, is able to offer either or a mix of the two, please contact us for a detailed quote, below are some prices for guidance.

1)You need one user licences at £ per month per phone system user and you want people/rooms.

2)Pick your phone(s), all SpliceCom phones come with partner software, T models with have it added later



PCS 542

£ £130



Navigate Softphone

£ £45



PCS 563

£ £210



PCS 573G

£ £270



PCS 582G

£ £470




£ £50




£ £75




£ £95




£ £105




£ £160

3) The CTi Cloud SpliceCom comes with, Free Navigate Partner software, Group working, Call Forward / Divert / DND, all the normal SpliceCom functionality.

  Popular additions
     In office support unit £ per month
     iPCS – licence for app making your Smartphone extension on phone system with full extension status at £ each per month
    Full Call Centre Options are available

4) You can port your existing phone numbers / select from a number of line providers / make international calls at local rates by using foreign line provider.
New numbers are normally live on the system the same day the order is placed.

5) If you need cabling / Wi-Fi / local network / Data Switches in your building we can organise it and provide the hardware. The price depends on what new infrastructure you need.
IP phones / Wi-Fi points / CCTV / IP door entry units all need power the easy solution is PoE where the Power cones over the Ethernet cable that connects them to the network.
Patching & Re-patching in your comms cabinet is at best time consuming and for some imtimidating, you can solve both problems by patching all out to PoE Switches.
We offer a "100% live" cabling solution and once implemented you shouldn't need to do any patching for PCs, Printers, Phones, Wi-Fi points or IP cameras, just plug into any wall / floor socket and they will work.

fully patched comms cabinet

6) If you need an Internet connection / router it can be dedicated ADSL, Fibre or leased line with spare capacity we can organise this and provide the hardware. The price depends on what speed you need and the delivery options available.

For system purchases there is a set-up charge, this varies depending on the number of phones and if we need to set out the phones in your office, we charge £ per day, and there is a carriage charge on all items shipped. The rental rates are subject to a three year minimum period.

  User Licences £
  Rental Phones and software licences £
  Purchased Phones £
  Network Equipment £
  Purchase Total   £
  Monthly Rent   £









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