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Power over Ethernet is a standard that lets you just plug in a VoIP phone, Wi-Fi access point or CC-TV camera and they just work, as the power and the data connection come down a single cable. That means you don't rely on iffy Wi-Fi signal or run mains electricity to your CC-TV camera, just a simple single slim data cable.

Typically at one end of the cable will be the CC-TV camera and at the other a PoE switch or the Network Video Recorder, (NVR) which is a box with a hard disk in it and some PoE ports on the back. The cameras all get recorded on the NVR and you can access the NVR from anywhere.

You can plug a screen in the NVR so you can see what is happening via that screen, but more often the NVR sits next to your router that provides the Internet connection. This is because after it is setup you have no reason to require physical access as viewing the images is done either via a web page or an app on your smartphone.

Some Cameras take a micro SD card and record to that. The advantage being you don't need the NVR, the disadvantage is reduced storage space and you have to separately access each camera.


We normal supply the Reolink product range as we find they have a range of products with the right balance between ease of use / functionality / quality / price.

We often cable for CC-TV at the same time as we are cabling for Wi-Fi access points, installation is unlikely to be less than a day.

Cable back to a single point, just one cable to each camera or Wi-Fi access point

The NVR works with All Reolink IP Cameras

Reolink RLN8-410 8-channel PoE NVR can work perfectly with all Reolink IP cameras, including 4K, 5MP, and 4MP PoE/WiFi cameras - for 24/7 recording, motion detections, live views, playback and more features.

* The Reolink NVRs are designed for Reolink security cameras ONLY.


Key Features


Micro SD


Reolink RLC-510A

80 viewing angle. 2560x1440 high resolution, 18pcs Infrared LEDs enable long night vision distance (up to 30m).

5MP Super HD

Micro SD


Reolink RLC-820A

80 viewing angle. With the built-in microphone, it also picks up ambient sound for an extra layer of security.

8MP / 4K

Micro SD


Reolink RLC-823A

High Speed PTZ, Every Angle Secured. 4X optical zoom 190ft Night Vision IP camera enables a wide viewing angle (31~87).

8MP / 4K



Reolink Duo 2

Dual lens giving 180 Panorama Color Night Vision and longer distance Infrared Night Vision (up to 30m).

8MP / 4K



Reolink TrackMix

Wide-Angle & Telephoto Lenses, Dual View, Dual Tracking, 6X hybrid zoom, Infrared Night Vision up to 15m, Color Night Vision, Two-way audio

8MP / 4K



Reolink NVR

Supports up to 8 cameras recording at the same time. 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording and monitoring.



What is right for you?

Often people start with a CCTV installation of 4 cameras, most people want to receive motion alerts and see what is happening via their phone & computer / tablet. This is standard with our solution. You just need to decide on:

  • Which type of camera is best for each location
  • Is the cabling going to be hidden - so can't be cut
  • Record at the camera or centrally

The dome is the most secure as someone can't move it without the special tool, the Bullet & the Ball type both support have a slot for a micro-SD card, but is better to have the images stored away from the cameras. With the PTZ - Pan Tilt Zoom you can make it the spin round through 360 look up or down and zoom in onto what needs recording.

We like to run the cable internally (so it can't be cut by someone outside) up into the roof space and then out direct into the back of the camera so no wire can be seen externally. While in your roof space we can run cables for ceil mounted Wi-Fi points to provide 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout your building.

Our Modern CC-TV uses standard CAT5/CAT6 data cabling, which means a single slim low voltage cable connects the camera for power and picture/sound recording, removing the problems associated with Wi-Fi cameras or battery problems.

We can provide a NVR - Network Video Recorder so you can see / manager all the cameras from a single place. This is normally done via a web page or via an app. You can also connect a screen via an HDMI cable to it and use that for monitoring the cameras live.

Typically a four camera would be fitted in a day, but the cabling route makes the difference here.

All prices exclude VAT, and were correct on 13/05/2024 13:16:34 , but should only be used as a guide.