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A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, acts as a battery backup. Should you lose power or experience power fluctuations, the UPS will maintain a steady source of power, enabling your system to continue running. CTi have a range of UPS's to keep your telephone system up and running, whether your require backup power for up to an hour or longer.

Emergency backup battery

Sudden disruptions in power supply can lead to the loss of your telephone system. A UPS allows you to continue communicating with the outside world.

Power surge guard

One of the most commonly known causes of power surges or spikes is lightning. When lightning strikes a power line, it can send a spike of high voltage electricity through your phone system. A UPS suppresses these major variations in power, protecting your phone system from damage.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Variations in voltage can be caused by common electrical appliances in the same building. A UPS will protect your phone system against damage caused by these voltage variations.

Door Entry

Door Entry Unit

CTi door entry solution overcomes the normal problem of the one door entry handset in the building being next to the old location of the reception, but now the other side of the office causing everyone to leap up to grab the phone whenever someone is at the door.

Depending on the time of day, an individual or group of phones will ring and you will be able to talk to the person at the door and let them in from your normal telephone handset, even works on DECT cordless phones.

Multiple security levels of the door entry: supports intercom only or remote unlock, can provide key code access for members of staff

Easy identification of which door rung, displays on Windows screen and CLI phone

Easy to manage: rings designated phones

Integrates with network camera to view visitors without leaving your desk

Network Cameras

CTi provide a series of network cameras that support:

Integration with your Door Entry system to provide an automatic pop-up view of the visitor

Online viewing of and control over remote sites: ideal for warehouses and production lines via a web interface or security recording software

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